Recently, I’ve been getting in touch with my inner teacher. Over the last two weeks I’ve finally been given the opportunity to volunteer more in my free time, particularly with children. I’m really excited about it! David and I have started volunteering twice a week at a local primary school right behind our office, teaching art and reading. I’m in charge of the art side of things, which is a lot of fun! I’ve been enjoying browsing Pinterest over the past few days, coming up with new and creative craft ideas that will be both fun and possible to complete with children ages 4 to 6. I’ll have to post some pictures of our creations here. Yesterday was a little messy (art with kids, messy? I know you’re shocked), as we began work on paper plate flowers, accomplishing the painting part, with the assembly to follow next week. There were lots of little fingers to keep track of this time, covered in a whole myriad of colours. I was shocked that I actually managed to escape without getting paint on my clothes. Unfortunately, some of the children weren’t quite so lucky, but there was lots of fun had by all, in the name of art, so I think it was worth it.

An even more exciting opportunity, which I didn’t want to share until I knew it was finalized and guaranteed to happen… I’ve completed the first of four, two hour workshops teaching music at Cherish’s current high school. It’s a class of 15 students, 13 girls, and 2 boys. At the end of their school term in May, we’re planning a mini concert to show of all the work they will have accomplished. I was really nervous for the first one I taught this past weekend. Though I’ve had over ten years of formal music education, I don’t really feel qualified to teach. Luckily, what I do know seems to be enough to affectively serve these children, thanks to God, who haven’t had any formal music instruction at all.

I’ve been channeling my former music teachers Mr. Sills, Mrs. Zadorsky, and Ms. Petrasuinas to help me out. I almost had to laugh during the lesson, as I heard myself repeating to my kids the same instructions and tips they so often called out to me and my classmates. Reminders of proper breathing and posture, the correct pronunciation of vowels, and dropping the jaw, were all things we’ve worked on. Tomorrow I’ll be teaching them all how to read music for the first time. I love knowing that I’m giving them knowledge that they can carry through the rest of their lives. It’s a privilege to have such an opportunity. Having experiences like these, I’m gaining even greater understanding of my dad’s deep love and passion for education. I really believe education and knowledge are among the greatest gifts one can receive or give.


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