After reading several updates in blog form or newsletters from other Engineering Ministries International (eMi) interns around the world over the past few days, I’m feeling inspired to write another post. Speaking of which, if anyone is curious, I would definitely encourage you to check out some of the blogs I’m referring to, some from my friends here (David), and others from my friends in the Calgary (Mailys and Taylor) and Colorado (Andy) offices. Just click on the links in their names to check out their journeys so far. I love reading about all the wonderful things happening around the world! It’s so exciting to see God’s fingerprints in so many places, through so many people.



Over the past couple of months, I have been so inspired by the people I get to share life with on a daily basis here. Having the privilege to get to know the diverse staff at our office better and better each week is something I am truly grateful for. From some of our local staff, who have been working with eMi for a decade or more, sharing vast amounts of knowledge and experience to help grow this ministry, to the newest expat family who is just beginning their 3 year commitment here, trying to get settled in a new country while taking on impressive amounts of work at the office, learning the ropes from other experienced staff members. I love the family-like dynamic of office life. I have never felt so much a part of a family in a professional setting. There is a care and concern for each person evident in all of our daily interactions, in both a personal and professional sense.

I have been sick with quite an unpleasant stomach bug four separate times since arriving here, having to miss work on two occasions (luckily, most of it happened over weekends so it didn’t affect work too much), and each time prayers were offered up for my recovery during morning devotions. Upon my return, I had countless people come to check on how I was feeling (Hope, who works in HR and plays a big role in the lives of the interns, is still checking in on me).

For anyone wondering or worried, it seems like I am just about fully recovered from the bouts of sickness. In another example of the kindness of the eMi staff, Cyndee, my mentor and basically my adoptive mom while working here (who I could write an entire post about because she is so wonderful), showed up at my house to drive me to the health clinic on Thursday, once she found out I was home sick again. She tried to keep me distracted by telling some of her Uganda stories, as we sped along the incredibly bumpy village roads, jostling to and fro in our seats, and I tried very hard not to throw up in the car. When the lab results were ready later in the afternoon, she even went back to speak with the doctor while I slept at home, and Phil (an eMi engineer at our office) came to drop off the prescribed medication at my house at the end of the work day. See what I mean? The people here go out of their way to take care of each other. If there was ever an example of Christians being known by their love, the eMi Uganda staff would qualify.

I have loved visiting the homes of various missionary families here and meeting the eMi children. Just being in a family home and sharing a meal is a wonderful time of community and relationship building. Bearing witness to Christ alive in these families is a privilege. The intern compound was a busy place this past Saturday. With various staff members and their families dropping by to meet with a visiting counsellor staying in the apartment next to our house, the interns had the chance to do a bit of babysitting while the adults had their meetings. There were many laughs and amusing stories. Matthew (Cyndee and Scott’s son) waged war on the bugs in our living room and the front porch with the electric bug zapper, and we played a rowdy and highly entertaining game of Cranium with Mercy  (one of Jeff and Jenn’s daughters).

Reflecting more than normal this week, I’ve been realizing how many ways I’ve been blessed, particularly in the way God has strewn blessings during my time so far in Uganda. I am working with wonderful, inspiring people, building lasting and impactful relationships, and serving alongside incredible, compassionate ministry partners who are truly acting as the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground here. Sharing life with so many beautiful people is a true privilege.



I am grateful and excited to have this means of sharing with all of you who have supported me back home, whether financially, specifically for this trip, or in countless other ways throughout my life, helping me to grow into the woman I am becoming. I cannot thank you enough!

In the near future, I hope to share more about the two secondary school projects I am working on this term at eMi. In the meantime, I would invite and encourage you to take a few minutes and visit each of their websites (just click the links in their names), to learn about what they do and who they are. Both Amazima and Cherish are living out the love of Christ here in Uganda in powerful ways.

I’m praying that each one of you has a blessed Holy Week (whether you’re celebrating Easter or not)!

Much love,


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