Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.‘ – Blessed Mother Teresa

Even here in Uganda, I’m finding small tasks at work can sometimes seem very mundane, even though I know they’re important in the assembly and completion of a project. The quote about from Mother Teresa, who is one of my personal heroes, serves as a great reminder to me to remember that every single thing I do, whether it’s filling out spreadsheets, rearranging layouts in Autocad, or adjusting drawing labels, it can all become a prayer if I do it for the Lord. Being someone who loves getting my hands dirty and interacting with people on a deep level, that is definitely a struggle for me more often than not. I like to feel like all the work I’m doing is meaningful (don’t we all?), and sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end can feel a little tedious (unless it’s research, because anyone who knows me well knows I love research).

There is a difference here at Engineering Ministries International (eMi) though, compared to my previous experiences as a co-op student/intern. Here, these monotonous tasks are interspersed with life-giving ministry. We start every day, every meeting, every project with prayer, reminding ourselves that everything we are doing, we do to serve others and to serve God. The ministries we work with are truly doing some incredible work (like Cherish), and getting to play even just a small part in that is truly a privilege.

In the interest of keeping this entry short, I wanted to share a glimpse of what an average day might look like for me here at eMi. I generally wake up at 6:30, just before sunrise, and spend about half an hour praying/reading/journaling on my own before having breakfast and getting ready. We, being the interns, leave the house at 7:50 to get to work for 8, which involves the 6 of us walking down our very rough/bumpy dirt road past a number of homes, crossing the “main” slightly smoother dirt road of Bulonde (our village), and down to the front gate of the airfield where our office is located. We share an office building with an awesome organization called MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), whose voices usually float up from the lower level of the building during their worship time in the mornings, as we check our emails and get settled in before our own prayer time begins at 8:30. Our office prayer time usually looks a little different depending on the day of the week, but we always take time to hear specific intentions and pray as a team.

Lunch is served at 12:30, made by our talented office cooks, and we are each allowed a half hour break to eat and socialize. Our work day officially finishes at 4:30 and the interns all kind of trickle out at some point after that, depending on how much work we have to finish or if we want to use the office internet. Since we all live in the same compound, our evenings are usually spent together as a group. We usually all hangout at the girls house doing various different things. Mondays we have bible study, sometimes we watch a movie, or play board games, in the near future we’ll be spending certain evenings volunteering with a local ministry, and Tuesdays we’re going to start playing soccer with the village kids as soon as they’re back in school following the upcoming elections (which I cannot wait for!). It’s funny, I think I’ve spent more time playing board games since coming here than I have in the last 5 years at home.

I have a feeling that there will be several more games this weekend, along with movie marathons, and lots of reading (at least on my part) since we’re confined to the house for four days because of the elections taking place on Thursday. I would like to ask for your prayers for the elections in Uganda this week, that they are carried out peacefully, and that the best person for the Presidency is elected. Please pray for all the Ugandans traveling to their home districts to vote and just for the general safety of the country.



Thank you all so much for your prayers so far. If you have any intentions that you would like me to pray for, I would love to hear from you, either with a direct message or in the comments here. My prayers are currently going out to the people of Uganda, and to all my fellow interns in the eMi offices in the US, Canada, and India, most of whom are currently all over the world on project trips serving with various ministries.

Many blessings to each of you!


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